…one for you…and one for your snowboard

Improve your riding skills every day
...share your experiences with friends around the world

  • Improve your technique with every ride

    learn from the pros & compare your skills

    Ride like a Pro, get your own followers.

    SG20 Arrow is continuously monitoring your performance. After each run you can check your performance and follow advice from pros to improve it. You can also compare your skills with other riders from around the world.

  • Ride new trails with confidence

    …always know what lies ahead

    Receive trail and weather alerts

    The SG20 server will send alerts directly to your bracelet when you are approaching challenging areas. Any time a user encounters ice or rocks, the Arrow feels the rough motion and adds the GPS coordinates to the map.

    When approaching a challenging area the yellow light will alert you to slow down or change course.

  • Stay safe on the mountain

    …SG20 will keep an eye on you

    STOP…don't get into trouble

    Any time you are approaching a hazardous situation the SG20 Bracelet will let you know. Bright light, vibrations, and an acoustic alarm will tell you to stop or slow down...

100% High-Tech & 100% High Fun



LCD Display

The SG20 Bracelet features a rugged, sunlight-readable screen with optically enhanced glass, allowing for great performance in extreme weather conditions.


The SG20 Bracelet is outfitted with a heavy-duty microphone. This allows the user to make phone calls directly from the bracelet.

Water Proof Design

Both the SG20 Arrow and the SG20 Bracelet are snow friendly. Both devices are designed to function in snow and melted snow.

Powerful Speakers

Cell phones and snow don't mix well, and connecting with your friends on the slope can be challenging. The bracelet is outfitted with a pair of powerful speakers that are designed to work in very harsh conditions. You can use the SG20 Bracelet to call your friends and even to listen to music while riding. The two powerful speakers allow you to hear your calls loud and clear, listen to music, and hear warning messages from the SG system if you are heading into trouble.

LED Lights

The SG20 Bracelet is outfitted with two powerful LED lights. They change color based on the type of warning. Yellow and red when the snowboarder is approaching a challenging area, green for incoming calls, and bright white for hazards.

Vibration Alarm

The SG20 Bracelet is outfitted with 2 vibration pads that work with the LED lights to warn the user when needed.

Shock Resistant

Both the Arrow and the Bracelet are designed to work in very rough environments. They can take a lot of abuse on the mountain and can be stored along with any other snow gear you own.

Digital Thermometer

As air temperature is important for you, the snow temperature is important for your snowboard and can significantly impact your riding. The SG20 Arrow is outfitted with a digital thermometer that records the snow temperature while you are riding and sends riding tips and alerts to your bracelet any time the snow temperature becomes an important factor.

Bluetooth Transmitter

You are 100% connected to the mountain via the SG20 Arrow and to the rest of the world via the SG20 Bracelet and your cell phone. The Bracelet receives telemetry data from the Arrow and is continuously connected to the internet via your cell. At a single touch of the master button you can switch from a contest or performance screen to receiving a call from a friend or listening to music.

Dual GPS

The dual GPS is your eye in the sky. Locate your friends on the slopes, choose the less crowded trails, and avoid long lines at lifts. It works with all the other sensors to help you improve your riding technique.

If you are doing tricks, it tells the height and length of the jump, the launching speed, the time in flight, and the number of spins. All this data can be converted to points and used in contests with your friends.

The Arrow is fitted with a high performance dual GPS system. It tells your position within a foot or less, as well as your speed, vertical speed, and heading.

Gyroscope Sensor

High performance snowboarding is all about dynamic balance. The SG20 Arrow is outfitted with a gyroscope sensor that records the attitude of your board 10 times a every second. Like a good trainer, the gyro sensor watches all your moves and gives you riding tips. Along with the accelerometer and the GPS, it sends data to the Arrow's brain to help you improve your technique.


The accelerometer measures the G-forces encountered by your board and helps you improve your technique. It tells the system if you are slipping or skidding on turns and if you are applying the correct amount of pressure to control vibrations.

It detects any unnatural vibrations generated by hitting ice and hidden dirt patches and plots the GPS coordinates on a temporary map available to all users.


The SG20 processor is powerful, quick, shock resistant. It can handle temperatures from -40°F up to 230°F and doesn't drain the battery.

Memory Card

The SG20 Arrow internal memory can backup more than one day's worth of snowboarding. It doesn't matter if your cell phone runs out of battery. Once you power on your cell phone, the the data will automatically download into your cloud account.



  • LCD Display
    LCD Display
  • Microphone
  • Water Proof Design
    Water Proof
  • Speaker
  • LED Lights
    LED Lights
  • Vibration Alarm
    Vibration Alarm
  • Shock Resistant
    Shock Resistant
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Dual GPS
    Dual GPS
  • Gyroscope Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Microprocessor
  • Memory Card
    Memory Card